Thursday, December 18, 2008

16 Dec-Ballarat

We had a nice sleep last whole night due to tiredness.
After freshing up ourselve, we took breakfast which prepared by my aunty.
It was American Breakfast! Very Yummy!!

We checked-out around 9 something.
We have visited THE ARCH and LONDON BRIDGE before leaving to another destination, BALLARAT.

Scenic Lookout

London Bridge

The Arch

We then continued our journey to BALLARAT!
I saw many MOoMOo Cows and Sheeps along the road while we were on the way to BALLARAT.

These are HAYs~! I wonder it's hard to be seen in Malaysia.

When we arrived destination, we have visited SOVEREIGN HILL.
Fuyohh!! I like this place!
SOVEREIGN HILL represents conditions on Ballarat's early goldfields.
There were many activities carried out by costumed staff and volunteers who may portray some of the behaviours of the 1850s.
I seemed like going back to ancient time!! haha!
Actually I met a super duper handsome guy who dressed with traditional custume. So regret for not taking picture with him.
What a waste! Lol..

How good if this ship was THE BLACK PEARL. In fact it was not.

I have entered this underground too! DAMN syiok!
Very dark and narrow.

We did visit GOLD MUSEUM which was located opposite SOVEREIGN HILL.
We have discovered the Ballarat's golden history, see amazing display of real gold and visit the elegant ship which specialises in gold jewellery and fine giftware.

After that, we direct proceed to WILDLIFE PARK~!
Exciting moment has come!
We were going to see KANGAROOS and KOALA~!
I was so excited when I saw them..
What a cute animal!
We fed them eat and took photos too..
They were VERY VERY CUTE!!!

Hey, the right handside mia kangaroo is so chubi!

This kangaroo is so~SO CUTE!!!


We left WILDLIFE PARK around 5 something.
We went home and bought KFC as our dinner.
Honestly speaking, Aussie KFC is much much YUMMY than ..KFC!


jerry said...

i am getting crazy c ur photo
da kangaroo...
so so so so so chubi~~~~~
i wan foolow lar......

Joanna said...

cute ho?
just wanna chubit them!