Friday, December 26, 2008


Woohohoho! Merry Christmas People!
May u have a blessed christmas in this year!

My aunty and my mom have started their cooking early morning.
Whereas my siblings and I did the decoration outside the glasses of the house.
And my dad as usual, played a role as a photographer, taking photos for us.

Spring Rolls

Prawn Rolls

Turkey! First time tasted it!


Roasted Pork! Nice~~!

Happy Family. With Uncle Chris, my aunty's bf

After the xmas meal, it was the time to unwrap the present! Yeah!

A gift from my aunty.

Merry Christmas~!

Dear Santa, I wish my dream will come true.

1 comment:

josephine said...

hey, the window is so nice !!!

now only know the way of doing the pattern on the windows~~hehe..

u cut out the pattern urself or juz bought them??

And ur necklace is nice too~~