Saturday, December 20, 2008

19 Dec-Puffing Billy,Bird watching and Wine tasting!

It was another great day for me
In this day, we've traveled to another place other than suburbs and city.
Hence, daddy hired a Toyota Estima again. haha!
Same model, same colour but different number plate.
This car was more comfortable than the previous one!

Initially, we headed to the DANDENONG RANGERS in this wonderful, sunny and brightly day.
For I myself, I have been riding train in Malaysia before, however it was my first time in other country. Moreover it was a STEAM TRAIN. Lol..
I really enjoyed it!
Surely this is among one of my unforgettable experiences here in Melbourne.

see this for more details about Puffing Billy. =)

Wahaha! Mr Turtle!


People, this is Puffing Billy.

Puffing Billy is Her name~

It was bloody cold today!
The train was really old too, and the carriages that we sat was allowed us to be able to sit on the edge and stick our legs out.
It was extremely scary when we went over the bridge with my legs out.

Mum also joined along..hahaha!

Conductor and I

Cute angmor kia~!

I felt like a kid again. Chuuu chooootttt...

We got down at MENZIES CREEK while the train was stopped for a while

We got down again when we reached EMERALD.
Waiting for my dad and aunty came to pick us up.
Our next stop was GRANTS PICNIC GROUND which was located at SHERBROOKE
We gonna see BIRDS!!
Somehow, we had our lunch (small picnic) in the car first since we all were quite hungry. We ate alot in order to make sure that we had enough energy to deal with the NAUGHTY BIRDS later.

KIAM PAK lo..this kid!

These are COCKATOOs~
I dared not to feed them as they were so agresive and scared they will bite my fingers
Their claws were so so SO SHARP!
It was so painful when they landed on my hands.

They are ROSELLAs
They are better and more friendly than Cockies.
Once there is one lands on my hand, two or ever more will land on my hand too!

I got to wear hat otherwise I will get very cranky about the birds landing on my head!

See..I was able to attract so many Rosellas! heee!

Nice pose? Hehe

I loved this experience!

The scenery along the Dandenong Ranges~~
The weather was cold u know..
It was merely 11 degree celsius!
I just felt so COLD and there was also condensation coming out from our breath too!

The well-known restaurant~ CUCKOO
I was told by my aunty that it was 40 Aussie Dollar per person for the entry.
my god!
We din enter it. We just took picture at outside then headed to the last stop- YARRA VALLEY

We arrived shortly after 1 hour later in the valley and the winery + vineyard which we were going to visit it~ DOMAINE CHANDON
The car park was almost full and many tour buses were parked.
The park in front of the building was crowded with tourists taking pictures.
Of course we were one of them too~ hahaha!


Tasting the wine.

The setting was a massive building with a view over the vineyard through the floor to ceiling windows.

We have purchased two bottles of wine finally after having had enough wines.

WOnderful Vineyard!

This tree memang cantik la~!

I like the shadow of the trees..

What a nice and advanterous trip that we had today!
Although we felt tired but we all were so satisfied about it

Upcoming updates~
Home-made BBQ


jerry said...

u test wine??
wat da taste???

Joanna said...

I tried abit.
it tasted like abit fruity~and also abit like beer too.