Friday, December 19, 2008

18 Dec- Preston Market,Dim Sum and Bday

My aunty brought us to Preston Market this afternoon.
Before going to Preston, we have stopped at a park to take some photos.
Have noticed some of families having picnic at there..

After we reached Preston Market,
I saw there were many Asian especially Chinese doing business at this area.
My aunty bought some food and vege to keep for xmas's dinner use.
At the same time, we also tried DIM SUM at a restaurant which owned by Hongkie.
The Dim Sum was so NICE!!

Guys, these were taken during in toilet.

18 dec also was a memorable day for us too.
It was my beloved aunty and uncle's birthday.
They are twins. =)
So lucky, we have been given chance to celebrate birthday with her this year.
How good it was.


D@wen said...

Hey! Girl! After viewed your blog and saw those shot that you have taken in Australia, there is just three words appear in my mind... "Oh my god!" that is so nice, you know... The China town, the kangaroo... Oh ya! The kangaroo didn't stay in the cage one... They free to run here and there? And your aunt's house seems so comfortable and nice. Haha! Well, waiting for you to capture more great moments in Australia. Take care and enjoy there...

Anonymous said...

That's really nice!

josephine said...

hey, all of ur photos are nice !!!
i will keep my self to view ur blog constantly..(^.^)