Tuesday, December 23, 2008

22 Dec- City again & Melbourne Aquarium

I woke up at 10 am and I was told by my dad that we had to go to city again.
It was a very sunny and hot day.
The temperature was up to 34 degree celcius.
What a weird weather!
Most of the time the weather was around 18-23 degree celcius..but today was above 30..
We should feel happy as we were no longer to wear sweater again, our short pants can be used finally! haha!
However, our thought was wrong!
It was extremetly HOT and DRY today!
I was wondering whether will I get sunburn or not. LOl..

This building looks like Disney's Castle right?

Actually it is a Church~

Saw some youngster skating on the road~

Under the HOT SUN!

Pedestrian crossing the road~

The Flinders Street Station~ the train station

Ready to ride on the City Circle Tram.

The Imigration Museum

We were at DOCKLANDS here..Actually the wind was DAMN STRONG u know..

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

Take 5

Take 6~ Lol..


Under the MooMoo Cow's tree.haha!

Heritage Building

Cool~! Nice background is't?!


It is a point of conjecture among historians whether James Cook, the famous navigator, ever lived in the house~

Since the weather was sososo HOT, we cant continue walking under the hot sun already.
Dad kept going to those outdoor places, such as gardens or parks..
Actually I was not interested to visit what so-called Parks le..
Instead of evergreen trees and colourful plants..Nothing else to see dee right?! hahaa!

Luckily..Dad finally brought us to visit MELBOURNE AQUARIUM..
It was indoor and air-conditioned.
Waoo..Glad that we did not have to walk under the hot sun!!

Melbourne Aquarium is a Southern Ocean and Antarctic aquarium in central , Melbourne.
It is located on the banks of the Yarra River beside the Flinders Street Viaduct and the King Street Bridge.

The penguins and I~ hehe!

They are REAL penguins! Not fake one o..

Cute larr~!

Can you notice there is a stonefish in between the rocks?!
Look it carefully..~~ heeehh!

Yerr..it looks scary!

Outside the building.

Heyy, it started Cool Change already..
Means that, the weather was changing to become cooler!! yeahh!
Cold wind..No hot sun..yes! It was the weather which I desired this whole day already!

We then continued exploring the Aquarium..
We haven't seen the SHARKS and STINGRAYS yet!! ahah!

What is this??!
The Weirdest Eggs that I've ever seen. Lol..

I can listen the Ocean when I put my ear near the sea shell.

I was holding the Star Fish..haha! Quite geli..

Fake whale~! hahaha!

Yerr...Jelly Fish!


What a large Stingray!


Wao! Shark!

How bad I got no chance to see the REAL Dolphin.
But I purposely took this picture so that I can show it to my good fren, YY.
She loves Dolphins!

Before we left, we stopped at the souvenier shop to take a look.
We bought a penguin. hahaha!

After we have reached home, my aunty already prepared the dinner for us!
How good she was!
We all were so hungry!

This is XI YANG CAI soup~ very nice!

KEBAB SATAYs! Delicious!


Upcoming Update:
Victoria Market again.


jerry said...

ur hair~~~~
u go hai di shi jie????
so siok
i like fishy~~~~

Joanna said...

Messy Hair right/!
Powerful wind!

I went to Aquarium~
Nice lo!
Share u the videos when u come back!

=YeongLi= said...

so so nice!!
i want penguins!

Joanna said...

yea~ I want them too
super cute!

ivian said...

the wind really strong!!!can see through ur "hair"!!!hahahaa
the penguins are really cuteeeeee!!!
so envy u can see them!!!