Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Academic Awards 6/10/2008

Picture Captions

6/10/2008, was the another memorable day for me in my life.

I went to school attending the Academic Award which has already been held the second times in this year.

A couple months ago, I'm still remember that I have posted relevant article regarding to this award. Yes, that time was the first time to me to attend this presentation.
And, few months later, I'm so lucky that I've been given an opportunity for attending this presentation again~ =)

The presentation was held as usual. Nothing much changes. Same vanue, same time and the same MC(Mr. Chiam). What's the differens compared to previous one are~
-Last time, I was dressed in brown attire, while this time, had already changed to red attire..hehe!
-Last time, I have received the cert from the dean of the school (Dr. William Wong) while this time I received it from the principal of school (Dr. Michael Yap) ^^

The entire ceremony was ended within 2 hours. The duration for this ceremony was more shorter than previous one. Because, the inspirational sharing part was quite short and not as boring as last time one. The themes of sharing were "Botanical Heritage" and " Betelnut and Palms called Pinang". Honestly, I was day dreaming and did not know what did that speaker talk about, just see the picture of plants via the slides that displayed on the screen only. hehe!

Unlike the last previous inspirational sharing, which talked about Baba Nyonya one..OMG!That was full of boredom enough! :/
Somemore that speaker called us to sing the Baba Nyonya's song together with him..lol!

Well, there are some pictures that I would like to share with you guys! So do take a look yea =D

The decoration of the stage is still the same as usual.

Yeah! That is me! ^^ really thanks to yeongli as camera girl!!!!!
5 of us~!


With my coursemates! ^^

Tahnee and I

Gelinder and I =)

Lay Ai and I :D

Gelinder, Tahnee and I

Chien Wei and I ^^

Yeongli and I, this is quite blur! will upload the clearer later~

The booklet that provided to us!

My cert! ^^

Note: There are not many times for me to drive alone to school! Happy~ =P

More photos will be uploaded soon..
Stay Tuned ^^

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