Friday, October 3, 2008

RedBox ( Bufday Celebration)

Today, we celebrated birthday to our lovely Tze Suen and Dawen at Redbox
We went there by 2 cars, and I was following Li Chuang's car.
We were caught in a super duper terrible traffic jam while on the way to Gurney from Jetty.
Guess how long it taken for us to reach there? It was almost 1 hour!!!! GOSHHHH!

Fine~ luckily we reached there before 2pm.
And Yirn and Dawen were waiting us at the Gurney's main door.
Actually we have planned to give Tze Suen a birthday surprise with the appearance of Li Chuang, mana tau, she seemed like no respond at all when she saw Li Chuang~!
Sweat larr..hahahax!

Redbox was full of big crowd today..and most of them were teenagers! O.o
Before we started getting Ki Siao in the room, we got wished Happy Birthday to both of them...haha!

For the singing part, I'll not talk too much in here, just see the pics okay yea!~

wahaha! I like this pic! So cute!!!

busy pouring the drinks~

Dawen and Jojo

Jojo~ Cheese!


Yen shan and Li chuang

SOmebody is enjoying~~~~~~~ =P

Dawen, Yirn, Eddie and I

Tze Suen, Jojo, and I

Birthday girl and I

Birthday boy and I

Okay, let me conclude a bit about our today's performance...heheehee!

-Birthday boy aka Dawen has a very great vocal indeed, he sang so well and was the best best best among all of us! Fuyohh!!

-Birthday girl aka Tze Suen, she also sang well too! What a nice vocal she has~~ ^^

-Everybody knows Yen Shan loves Yang Zhong Wei, therefore how can she miss the chance singing her idol's song le?! haha! She also sang many of Xiao Jing Teng's songs too! =D

-It was the first time for Yirn visiting here, she had tried singing also! I hope that she likes it then next time we can come again. ^^

-Eddie didnt sing much during that 3 hours.. He said that he want to enjoy the room's atmosphere without singing wo~ Yoorr..

-Jojo le? she was so excited from the beginning till the end! Leehom and Tank' songs were her favourites~hahaha! (plz correct me if im wrong =P)

-Li Chuang~ I can call her K歌后 already..Because she knows to sing for almost every song! Geng Geng!

-How about me myself? hehe!My flu has not recovered yet...Therefore I can't sing too much~ Just involved in the duet songs only! kakakax

Li Chuang and I ( I will treasure this pic!!)

Four of us, taken before going home. ^^

Again~ Happy Birthday to Tze Suen!!!

Happy Birthday to Dawen oo!!!


Anonymous said...


Joanna said...

Yea, can happy hour with my frens with the happiest moment instead of studying~

ivian said...

eii..i feel that ur hair style reli suit to u!!!
pao better!!!because u look mature leh...hahahaa

Joanna said...

Yoo~ Really meh?!
hahax! Thank you har! =D

Anonymous said...

seems like very enjoy hor???
i vil go sing k too nx week after exam...
guess who am i???

Joanna said...

heyy.. Anonymous~
I don't know who are u wo!~
Name urself pleaseee

ineffable_ice said... good la...go redbox also din call me..i can miss everything but not redbox k..haha