Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tagged by Yeongli

I juz found that I've been tagged by Yeongli~
The 10 things which I [CANT TAHAN] are as follows>>>

1)CANT TAHAN for not online even for one day..

2)CANT TAHAN for not supporting my Idols' movies

3)CANT TAHAN during the stupid NS life

4)CANT TAHAN if standing under the HOT SUN!

5)CANT TAHAN of insects esp. CACING!!! yiakks!

6)CANT TAHAN without washing my hair everyday

7)CANT TAHAN when I'm having stress (exams/assignments)

8)CANT TAHAN people who keeps showing off, betrays me, and boring

9)CANT TAHAN to express my excitement and screaming when I meet my Idols

10)CANT TAHAN if I live in this world without family, friends and entertainment

It's my turn to tag other people..hehe!
I wanna TAG
-Li Qian

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