Thursday, February 19, 2009

A visit to Kek Lok Si

Opps! It's been "ages" I din update my blog already~ haha!
Anyway, now is the time! ^^

I'm pretty sure that almost every Penangite(I mean Chinese) has been
to Kek Lok Si, don't you think so?

I went there on the 15th day of CNY with my family after my last visit around 10-12 years ago.

Okay, without writting too much,
Let me show you the nice pictures which have been taken on that night.
Enjoy! ^^

Little Pig! Cute right?!

Snake~ My chinese zodiac

Ox~ The year of 2009


jerry said...

i found tat u nw are a very gud photographer!!!!
da foto is so so art n pretty!!!!

Joanna said...

wahaha! thanks!
the photos only looked nice with high resolution. some are taken by my hp, so abit blur.


D@wen said...

Hey, girl! Nice shot huh! I have not been there for few years already, I can see how beautiful it is! I don't know it developed so nice already if I didn't see your blog, thanks!

Joanna said...

haha! u should go there to take a look! really nice! nvm, just wait till next year lo! =)