Friday, February 27, 2009

Amazing Discovery~Yellow and Pink

Yellow Gang~ Joanna, Christine, Tahnee, Amanda (Chinese fren ^^), Lay Ai and Li Fen

Pinky Gang~ Yeongli, Chien Wei, Gwen, Hooi Xuan, FuJing and Gelinder
How poor that I did not belong to this group as well as Mooi Kheng. We were in different colour attire.

"Do you notice that there are 2 gangs with 2 types of colour?
Yea, that's what been discovered in my class today.
We never "pakat" to each other, that's just a real coincidence!!!
We have made a history for TAFE Sem 4!!


jerry said...

so ngam
last tim my gang pakat wear raibow color
u more geng no nid pakat!!!

D@wen said...

Wow! So coincidence. You girls using telepathy each other? It's fantastic. In my college, we ever happened same thing as well, five of us wearing orange shirt without scheme.

Joanna said...

Jerry> I remember ur Rainbow Group! Ever seen in ur pic! U are purple one right?!

D@wen> hehee! Geng le~~ U should take pic also, can keep as memory mah! lol..^^