Sunday, June 21, 2009

Primary Schoolmate Gathering.

Date: 20th June 2009
Time: 8.30pm-12.00am ( I was late xP)
Venue: Kocha Kopitiam

We had a nice gathering yesterday.
Although Im having final now, but then I still attend as this gathering was held once in a blue moon, therefore I should cherish it.

Well, I reached there at 9pm even though some of them have already started their "high tea" conversation. It was a nice and memorable gathering indeed. We talked alot of our childhood stuff and the gossip as well.

Apart of this, our former class teacher, Mr Ang ( ice kacang =P) was also been invited to this gathering too. He was LATE since he had to attend for another dinner before coming to meet us. While the time he reached Kocha, it was already 11pm. Lolx.
He didnt change alot seriously. The way he speaks, no difference at all. But he couldnt recall back my name. Luckily he could recognice me. haha!

Will it be another gathering again?
Let's look forward to it.


* Wen * said...

Awwh I missed it =(
was having my orchestra rehearsal..
hope to meet up next time then!

Joanna said...

No worries, sure got next time!
keep in touch!