Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My 20th Birthday

My birthday was over.
Nothing special this year as stupid final ruined everything again..
However, I feel glad and appreciate to my best friends who were willing to spend their time with me, giving me a very special and wonderful birthday surprise this year.

28 May 2009-a fruitful and memorable day for me.
It was my idol, Charmaine Sheh's birthday, my class farewell and my early birthday celebration.

I never thought that they would celebrate birthday for me. It was unexpected.
At first, Hooi Chin just asked me to go for a movie with Yen Shan and Li Chuang. Surprisingly, when the time I met them, I saw Yirn, Gcc, Dawen and Zi Hao too! I was shocked and stunned at that moment..Few seconds later I only realised that they cheated me~Hmm, that was a successful surprise indeed for them since I didnt know everything actually..All is under planned.

Im touched seriously. Thanks!
And thanks for the present too. haha!
I will use it frequently. hehe!

Special thanks to Zi Hao for the editted photos. Nice =)

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