Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is Curtin my final decision?

Been asking myself these few days,
How to proceed my degree in this coming year?
Go to Australia?
Continue at here?

If I direct go Curtin after finishing sem 3, is that a good option for me?
But I think I will finish until sem 4.

There are 3 ways for me to decide if taking Curtin programme.
1) It can be completed locally, then I can be coursemate with Yirn..
2) Go oversea at the final sem/year.
3) Direct go oversea at the beginning of this programme.
Just choose either 1.

Err, if I choose this programme, I'll not going to Melbourne as there is no campus/branch available at there. Monash U or Melbourne U will be my preferable choice if I go there, but both of these U are 5 star rating, it might be a bit hard to enter in.

If Melbourne is my choice, then I will not taking Curtin programme. But, studying+ living expenses at Melbourne will cost me around RM 120,000 per year! 3 years = RM360,000!!! HOW?!!

If I take Curtin, I will say byebye to Melbourne.
Anyway, the final decision is on my parents hand.
I can't decide anything..


=YeongLi= said...

it is real hard to make decision~
if wanna take curtin~
have to decide dy~
i also dont know how dy.hhaaiz~
all the best~!!

Joanna said...

yea lo!
By the way, there is no time for us to think about it as this sem really

jerry said...

it is quite a big decision.......
it can describe as "the road not taken"
each road u choose vil lead 2 differ future....
but watever decision u make i vil support u
hope u can make a gud decision!!!!!

Joanna said...

thank you!
Hopefully...i can make the best choice!

OSK said...

melbourne might sounds tough for tafe...
monash should be fine...
hope ya make a gud decision