Saturday, August 30, 2008

Life is unpredictable

Was caught in the bridge jam when on the way back to Butterworth

Been receiving my dad's call, saying that later when reaching home,
don't enter from the main door, have to enter from back lane.
I was wondering why he said so.

When I reached home, I discovered that there is somebody passed away in front of my house.
Quite a number of people are busy to build tents in front of that house.

And I saw a coffin too.
Im not sure whether who had passed away, my family n I are still guessing of it..
Anyway, nobody wants this tragedy happened
I suddendly feel that life is so unpredictable.
Maybe yesterday that person is still alive, and somemore talks with you, but then after a night, that person suddendly is gone~~~~
Just imagine's really unacceptable!
Therefore, we must cherish life, cherish every single day, every single time, single moment
as well as the one whom u love!


OSK said...

hungry ghost month?
recently dis month kinda like heard a lot of similar news... funerals...

enjoy life. ^^

Li Qian said...

wow for so long i've known you, this is the most meaningful thing u've ever said haha ...
Yea treasure every moment and every1 cause we dont know whats gonna happen next.

Joanna said...

newspaper gt report about this,
he died on the spot in an accident at JURU highway

=treasure life=