Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ivian's Birthday Celebration (part 2)

okayy, in the first part I have already mentioned that we celebrated birthday with Ivian right? But that is just for girls gang only~!

How about the rest of Orange Gang?
hehehe, Li Qian and Boon Seng were also giving her another suprise at my penang house on that night too!

I'm not going to describe what surprise will given by them.
Let this video discloses everything to you
Watch it! ^^

p/s: After watching the video, can u guess how they get into my house? Hehehe

1 comment:

ivian said...

hahahaa..hggggg,....i noe i noe!!!!
because of u this "wu jian dao"...ahahhaa

anyway..thx u and luv u vy much la!!