Sunday, August 24, 2008

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Kanaeva wins gold for Russia

BEIJING (Reuters) - Russia's Evgeniya Kanaeva easily outclassed her rivals with routines oozing grace and charm to win the Olympic rhythmic gymnastics all-around gold on Saturday.

Picking up the top scores on all four apparatus -- hoop, ribbon, rope and clubs -- the European champion notched a total of 75.500 points, a comfortable 3.575 more than Inna Zhukova of Belarus.

Ukraine's world champion Anna Bessonova took bronze, matching her 2004 Athens achievement. She edged out Russia's 2005 world champion Olga Kapranova, whose botched clubs routine cost her dearly.

"I was extremely happy, I was very glad for myself for my coach and all the crowd," a smiling Kanaeva told a news conference. "I'm just someone who loves the performance, I love performing in front of the crowd."

Kanaeva was the third successive Russian to win the title after Alina Kabaeva (my favourite artistic gymnast) in 2004 and Yulia Barsukova in 2000 in a discipline traditionally dominated by former Soviet states.

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Ryhthmic gymnastic is my favourate olympic event all the time!
It is the most beautiful, elegant and wonderful event among all the games~
I love watching it!
I've spent this whole day, sitting in front of the tv and watched it non-stoply.
At noon I watched Synchronized Swimming while night time i waited for the Rhythmic Gymnastic. hehehe!!
The gold medalist for both events also come from Russia!! That's Cool!!
Back to the early topic, Kanaeva did a very great performance in that competition!!
And she is the most pretty among all the gymnasts. She's sweet!! AND, she's just 17 years old if im not mistaken~~~ lol...
Hehehe!! I like to see her!

Gold medallist Evgeniya Kanaeva of Russia poses during the medal ceremony for the individual all-around of the rhythmic gymnastics competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 23, 2008.

The pics that I took from tv purposely..aahahahxx!
Pretty or not??!

However, I still prefer another artistic gymnast who also come from Russia, Alina Kabaeva. Unluckly, she din participate in this beijing olympic. She is the world champion as well as former gold medalist in last previous olympics~!

Alina Kabaeva's performance in Athens Olympic ^^

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