Friday, September 4, 2009

Hot stuff

I've just participated a contest regarding winning 2 tickets for SuJu Super Show II live in Hong Kong on 18 September. Hopefully I'm one of the lucky ELF s.
If I won the contest, I will be entitled to the following prizes~

- 2 concert tickets to Super Junior LIVE in Hong Kong
- 2 air tickets to and from home town to Hong Kong (Winners from Hong Kong will NOT receive air tickets to other destinations)
- 2 nights FREE hotel accommodation (one room)

well~ I like a series of photo shoot which took place at Hong Kong.
The photos aren't official, just taken by fans.
Seriously~ the photos are NICE!!
Especially the one who with sunglass ~~ DAI LOU
♥ ♥ ♥


Edwin said...

why you so SIAO these guys?????

Joanna said...

U wont know unless u do get known about them.

I used to be a ANTI Kpop last time, but now I've changed my mind. =)