Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monday/ Law Test 2/ Meet Friend

Woke up at the early 6.
Set off to coll at 7.15am.
The bridge was jammed like hell..

Reached coll at 8 sharp.
Luckily din late for the Law Test.

This is my lunch. Korean Noodlles (Hangeng Mian).
Why call it as Hangeng Mian?
It's named by Yirn Yirn's sis actually.

Because Hangeng likes to.
Im happy that we have same favourite food. =D

I planned to meet Li Chuang after my 3pm class.
But then the Marketing Lecturer suddendly asking us to stay back for the replacement at 4pm.
Lolxx. wasting time!! Got to wait for another 1 hour! ish..

Finally met Li Chuang at 5.30pm.
We ate Lobak and chit chatting together.
Had spent a great time with her even though just a while~

It was 7 when I reached home.
Watched TVB soap opera- Glittering Days till 8pm.
After that, chatting, facebook a while, then started reading Economics
Will be having test on this coming Thursday.
Reading Elasticity now.
I do not know what the hell it talking about....

That's all for today.
Going to bed soon.
Good night people..

p/s: By the way, Im not happy today due to some circumstances. It's a sad case to me. It's a sin to me. I dont want to think about it anymore. Just want to forget about it. =/


~regard to birdranger~ said...

quantity/price? lol.

Joanna said...

haha! ISH.
Juz done the paper.