Monday, August 31, 2009


~Yesterday, we whole family went to Khuntai having dinner!!
~It can be considered as part of farewell for my aunt.. =)

I love this the most~ LALA~


Nameless Chicken

~Khuntai was fully booked that night..
~I saw crowd everywhere.

~Luckily we did reserve a big table earlier a day, otherwise it could be hard to find a nice and suitable place to sit.
~We had a very great dinner there.
~We ordered 10 dishes plus 2 jars of juice.
~All of us was so satisfied with the yummy and fruitful meal.

~My aunt has already gone back to Aussie this evening.
~Feels so sad that I couldn't go to airport to say last goodbye to her~
~It's because of the TEST's fault!

~Take care~ We'll miss u always.
~Looking forward to seeing u soon..

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=YeongLi= said...

my god
i miss khuntai!!!!!!