Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August Birthday Girls

So far among the friends that I know, many of them were born in this month.
2 of my best friends, Yirn Yirn and Ivian Sim are the birthday girls of the month too. =)

First of all, I wanna blog about my best friend- Yirn's birthday celebration which was held on 3/8/09. To give her a blast 20, a wonderful birthday surprise took place at my Penang apartment as well as Queensbay Mall.

Let the pictures do the talking. =)
Enjoy it.

Yellow handbag- A present which is dedicated for her ^^

Modeling =P

Having meal at Kim Gary.

Photos taken again when we went back to my Penang apartment.

On the other hand, we also took DA TOU TIE for fun.
Our very first time taking it.
Quite nice and I also have developed some of the pics and keeping as memory. =)

Next, Ivian Sim, one of my best friends too, her birthday fell on 11/8/09. After the class, my gang and I celebrated birthday with her at Golden Steamboat. We enjoyed our night there. Without saying much, I'd share you guys the pictures of that night.

Acting ugly section.


jerry said...

such a long post
i miss da yy cake

Joanna said...

no long la~
juz many photos only. hehe

that day u should take back her cake, din eat finish lo.