Saturday, August 22, 2009

Law Test+New Friend

Hehe, I permed my hair before I went to school.
See the difference~~~

Taken on Wednesday

Taken on Friday

I had Law Test on Friday.
The questions are quite confusing and challenging, even though all is MCQ.
Anyway, I've tried my best.
m not going to bother about it anymore.

I got a chance knowing a new friend too.
Karen is her name.
She is very friendly.
She is my classmate as well as a part time beauty consultant.
She shared me alot of knownledges about skin care, facial and make up stuff.
We also had dinner together at Canton-I after the seminar.

Hey people, Im going to Cameron Highland tomorrow.
I never been there, its the first time going there.
So I wont be here until Monday.
TATA!! ^^

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