Saturday, September 19, 2009

祝你一路顺风 Bon Voyage!!

18 March 2007, was the first day we met each other.
Thanks to NS, providing me a chance to know you.
You are such a helpful and kind-hearted girl. U did help me a lot during NS life, and its my pleasure to be your friend.
Although I've moved to other camp few days later, but our friendship is always staying in my heart. I cherish it.

I thought we wont be keeping contact again.
Fortunately, God led us to meet each other at INTI few months later after the NS training.
We took TAFE. We studied together. We played together, and done our diploma together.

2 years past rapidly, we are graduated. And yet, you aren't taking Curtin with us.
Today, you're leaving to UK for your degree studies.
We are no longer to be classmate anymore.
But, you'll be missed and blessed.

I will miss you always~!
Do take care and wish you all the best for all ur undertakings in UK.
Start a new fresh life and enjoy ur studies life~
Don't forget me k..
Keep in touch!

深深的祝福你 最亲爱的朋友


1 comment:

=YeongLi= said...

see the heartless me.
have not visited your page for so long~
miss you guys heaps!
miss studying with you guys!
take care and i do cherish our friendship! muackx <3