Sunday, September 13, 2009

Highlights of the Camerom Highland Family Trip (Part 1)

Okie, I'm here to blog about my Cameron Highland Trip since I have a short free time right now.
As I mentioned before, I went to a Cameron trip with my family 2 weeks ago. More accurately it is 2 families. My uncle's family joined along as well.

Why we choose to go to Cameron? This is because my aunt and uncle chris they like nature and plantations. Therefore we choose Cameron instead of going to Genting or somewhere else like KL.

We set off from Butterworth at 9 something and reached there around 3 pm. We got a slow drive as there were quite a number of small kids in the car. They couldn't stand for a long journey that's why we got to stop and rest for a while when there was needed.

We stopped by at Strawberry Farm for sightseeing before we proceed our journey to Tanah Rata, a place where we wanted to go to.

Father's Guest House- Our accommodation of the trip.
Actually the house is like a home stay for foreign tourists.
We found it on internet. The house is nice, but the facilities were not as good as expected.
Anyway, we din complain more coz most of the time we were not in the house.
We just back to sleep during night time.

We had steamboat as our dinner. NICE!

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