Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Sem begins

3 and half months long term holiday has ended finally~
Should I feel happy or sad?
I feel happy as my brain can start functioning again.. The hectic assignment life comes back to me again~ fun huh?!.. =.=!!!
At the same time, I feel sad coz I'm still in holiday mood. I want holiday more!
It's so confusing.

I don't like this sem!
Know why?
Coz the timetable arrangement is like SHIT!
4 days class become 5 days class, and Tues, Thurs and Fri just have 1-2 hour class only!
There is no class on Monday initially, but stupid XXX suddenly changed her class from Wed to Mon. We tried to negotiate with her and asked her to change to other day, but failed. Her ignorance makes me so fed up! argh.. =(

Everyday travels to school is tiring and boring.
I feel like want to stay in my Penang's old house again. It's a not bad idea because can save petrol and toll. Anyway, I still prefer to stay in my own house. So, just forget about it.

I take 4 subjects this sem~
Corporation Law
Communication In Business
External Reporting (Accounting)
Finance Quantitative Techniques

These few days I'm busy looking for second hand book. Wanna save cost as much as possible. =D
I know it's useless and wasting time for me to keep complaining about the timetable, as at the end we still have to follow the rules. The classes are still going on. haiz..~So, the only hope is that this 12 weeks can pass quickly so that I can finish the sem faster.
Hmm, It's year 2 sem1 now. 2 more years to go. I must study hard and put more efforts on this sem. Don't play play anymore.

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