Thursday, March 18, 2010

SS2: SJ Merchandise

I've got the stuff already!
Was just informed by the person who in-charge saying that the stuff would be delivered on Monday night, but I never expected that I could receive it on the following day.
What a fast and efficient good delivery service!! =D

Have seen the merchandises~

NICE and I'm very satisfied with the quality of the shirts.
Especially the mask~!! haha!
I feel like sharing mask with Hannie because it looks like exactly the same with his own mask. =D

I will be wearing the shirt and mask perhaps on that day to show my support to them!

Well~ this glow stick is not mine, it's just a display from somewhere else.
But somehow Li Chuang and Kim Ten have got the sticks from my net friend last week.
There are 14 sticks altogether. I will only get it when I meet them in KL ~

And the mini torch light as well.
The mini torch light plays important role when they sing SHINING STAR.
For your information, as MYelfs wish to impress SJ and create history, of course we have to do something special and different from other countries. On that night, when SJ sings SHINING STAR, the audiences need to create an environment where ALL GLOW STICKS are being switched off and switch on the MINI WHITE COLOUR TORCH LIGHT. Can you imagine that the effect will be as like shining little star blinking in the stadium. WHOA~
To be frank, there is no photo can be shared at here now, coz even I myself also haven't got the mini torch light yet.
Will be sharing next time =)

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Anonymous said...

Where can I buy it?
I live in Russia.