Friday, March 19, 2010

SS2: SJ oppa, welcome to Malaysia!

They are in KL now!!
Cant wait to see them tomorrow night!

I wonder I can sleep well tonight or not as I'm getting excited, getting HIGH right now!
Just finished packing~
I will go to sleep early later.
Tomorrow 8am bus. =D

I will be in KL for 2 days 1 night.
I guess it must be a tiring trip due to limited time.
Anyway, seeing them is more important than everything.
As long as the concert can be held successfully, then it's enough to me. =)

My Hannie, Hangeng is confirmed not coming already.
My heart is broken. =(
My anticipation to see him in person, his dancing, his solo part, is no longer come true anymore.
He disappoints MYelfs, he disappoints Gengfans, he disappoint me!! :'(

His absence won't ruin my concert mood~
Without him, I still can cheer for other members.
Such as,
I want to see how cute DONGHAE is..

I want to see how muscular SIWON is..

I want to see how pretty Heechul is ..

Hmm, since Hannie is not coming, meaning that I have no chance to see HANCHUL.
Hangeng + Heechul is my favorite SJ couple.

I'm bringing my dad's cam.
Wish me luck.
I hope the guards don't be so strict when they check our bags outside the entrance.
Wish me luck.
I don't want my cam to get confiscated. >.<>

I wish I can use my cam to capture blue ocean like this!

Okay, got to stop here. I need to off now. Will be back and share the concert few days later. Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry... xD


angelayee said...

can i noe why hangeng was absent for ss2?glad to c u because i'm oso a fan of hangeng!!!!!!!!!

jual karpet said...

huaaa kim heechul