Monday, February 4, 2008

3rd Feb 08

HAD Spent a great time today

hv eaten my farourite curry mee at kopitiam nearby Inderawasih..

i love curry mee the most among all the food..hehe!!

i like the excitement and feeling when i having it, especially while i added extra chili to make the curry bcome more hot and spicy..wahaha!

noon time, watched a great soup opera which named HEROES..although i hv juz started to watch season 1, but no doubt..i hv ald addicted on watching it since this drama is so interesting and full of curiosity to check it out!

i was also went to Gesen with my sis..She wanna buy a taiwan drama which called "公主小妹" in mandarin~ She damn crazy about 吴尊 because of his good looking..haha!!
For me, i soso only..hehe..i also kinda like his look, but didnt admire him as crazy as my sis..haha!
Those celebrities who can get my attention must be talented, like very great in acting, singing or playing musical~~ haha!!

i had also spent my night time wisely~
Had a nice gathering with my family..
went to my uncle's house crapping around 1 hour~
Hv seen my cutie cousins who aged between 3 to 9 year old having fun here run there..screaming..laughing..
It caused me flashing back to my childhood..
time past so fast~ and now, im being adult dee, not little gal at all.. WoW~


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