Monday, February 4, 2008



The year of 2008 is the Year of Mouse according to the Chinese traditional lunar calender.

So, we must fall in love with "RATATOUILLE" oo!~~ ahahahhaxx

Or~u can also go to pay a visit at meet who??!!


mayb they will bring u good luck for this whole year!! hehe~~

swt..actually it's juz a joke~~whahaah!

okayy..back to topic~ we know,
New Year in different cultures may be celebrated at different times of the year with unique traditions and customs,
but they all share one belief and one spirit- of
New Beginnings and
New Hopes !!

The Chinese New Year (CNY) is celebrated among the Chinese from all over the world~
It marks the time of bonding with famiy members as well as praying respects and ancestors.

We usually gather at home with the eldest members and dressed in new clothes~
It is a custom.
New Clothes symbolize a new and fresh beginning and are considered to be lucky for the New Year.
That's why there are a lot of people like shopping at shopping mall when CNY is approached.

I bought few new clothes last few weeks too!
And also with the small accessories like ear rings, necklace, cosmetics etc..gals stuffs..hehe!

Food also plays an important role in the celebration too!
All chinese surely will enjoy their reunion dinner at home during the CNY's eve.
Same goes to my family also..
My granny is the most busy one as she is the cooker to prepare the food,
while the rest of us will help to decorate the house with red packets to make the house full with CNY atmosphere. ^^

According to the traditions,

A reunion dinner is held on New Year's Eve where members of the family, near and far, get together for celebration.
The New Year's Eve dinner is very large and traditionally includes chicken, vegetables, prawns, ducks, soup...
Fish (魚) is included also , but not eaten up completely..the remaining stored that it suits with the Chinese Phrase "年年有魚/餘" ..ahahahahhaxx///
Sounds cute ya!

After the dinner, some families go to temples hours before the new year begins to pray for a prosperous new year..
but my family didnt practise this custom we are Christian. We will go to church attend a CNY mass at the next day.And also a praying ceremony for our ancestors to be held during the mass . In mandarin, we call it as 拜祖先

How do I celebrate CNY?

Playing fire-crakers?
Kiddy's Stuff, not so interested

of course i wont!! haha!

Watching CNY Special tv programme??
yea, could be..but my dad didnt subscribe Astro Wah Lai Toi~ moreover, RTM channel's programmes surely not as interesting as Astro one..sigh..keep persuading my dad to subscribe it! hehe~

House visiting?
this one is A MUST objection..
can get "angpao" what...
why nop? :P

oh ya..will be going to watch CJ7 or Kung FU Dunk with friends if chance is allowed.

Doing revision??
possible also..since there are many account terms i hv forgotten ald..need to brush up!
There is a rumour ~they say if u do revision during CNY, u can get good result for that subject...believe it or not?? Depends urself.. try not to too superstitious le!

After CNY, im sure that i might put on my weight..
So later on it's time for me to ON DIET!! lolx..hate it!

ANother 2 more days is the New Year's eve!
Feeling excited now~ haha!



ivian said...

wa....u so expert wif the CNY customs..haha...guan lai can do so many things during CNY r??hahaaaa..anyway..HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR..miss uu!!

minami said...

happy cny~

ych said...

hey, Happy chinese new year...
sigh...i dun feel that any chinese traditions still remains...fewer n fewer ppl keep it now.
no "bu lang sai" i saw, no cny oldies i listened, no more cny atmosphere i felt....

OSK said...

fall in luv wif RATATOUILLE

Anonymous said...

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