Friday, May 1, 2009

Heroes of Earth 2007-> Music Man 2009

After a long wait, the day that I most anticipated has finally come!!
Yes, Im going to meet Leehom tomorrow!
I never seen him clearly before, although I've been to his previous concert 2 years ago.
So, I have bought the best seat and borrowed semi pro camera from my dad already..
I wanna SNAP SNAP SNAP photos as many as I can!

Heroes Of Earth Concert (4 March 2007)

JJ Lim was the special guest of his concert during 2007. There's rumour saying that Daniel Lee and Superstar winner, Kay Kuo Xiao Wei would be the opening guests for Music Man's concert.


6 Leehom Maniacs will be reduced to 4...
Only the 4 girls in this pic are going to his concert again.

So, what's next?!
I look forward to seeing his great performance tomorrow night!
Then, will be sharing up here.

Oo, got to set Hankyung aside first..coz Im going to fully focusing on Leehom tomorrow.hahaa!!!

Night people!

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josephine said...

do enjoy ur concert~~
be careful n take care ya~~