Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Charmaine Sheh!!

28th May, I would never forget this date every year as it's my idol's birthday!

To my dearest Ah Sheh,
Happy Birthday!!
It's been 11 years of being ur BIG FAN!
I love u since I was in primary school. hahaha!
U're the most perfect in my heart.
Keep working up and wish u all the best to ur acting career.
I'll support u forever! U're my favourite celeb all the time! ^^
May all ur dreams come true and hope u can find an ideal guy one day later.
(Kevin Cheng is not bad. hehe!)



1 comment:

ivian said...

happy birthday to ah sheh!!!!
you will always live in our heart!!!ahhaa..
anticipating for your new series...
love u FOREVER...