Thursday, July 2, 2009

Apartment Stay ( 25-26 June)

We had a nice and memorable gathering at Sri Sayang, Penang last Thursday.
It could be treated as farewell too.

Reached there around 4pm.
We played BANANA BOAT. It was my first try in my entire life. haha!
Of course I was scared enough. Kept shouting with Hooi Xuan as the boat was super fast and shaking!

During night time, we had BBQ at Sandy Bay Paradise Hotel's Beach.
All the junk food, marinated chickens, saussages and drinks were self prepared.
I would like to thank Ivian Sim for her fruitful contribution. The gravy sauce was the MAIN dish at that night! Without it, what we've taken will be tasteless...haha!
Thanks! I love it so much!

After that, some of us proceed to Gurney Drive to eat supper.
Whereas some of our classmate went back to the apartment first.

The night is still young.
Definitely we wont be going to bed that early.
Therefore, the crazy game that I played during Redang Trip coming back again.
The whole midnight was full of excitement and crazyness.
Luckily I was not the "unlucky" one, who has always been chosen to get punishment.
Anyway, I was being KING for few times as well as the "unlucky" one..
The game that started from 2am was ended around 5am.
Everyone was tired.

Since Ivian, Gwen, Hooi Xuan and I couldnt get a well sleep therefore we went home at 7am.
I could only feel the tiredness when I was on the way back to Butterworth. hahah!

The apartment stay was nice. Again, I'd believe that we are getting closer to each other after this gathering.

Anticipating to our Steamboat Gathering..

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