Monday, February 8, 2010

[100130] Korean Beauty Square Roadshow @ Gurney

Back to last 2 weeks ago~
Vian and I went to Gurney for the purpose of visiting the KBS Roadshow.

We spent a lot on buying its skincare product such as mask, BB cream, make-up remover and so on..Therefore, we are entitled to a membership of this brand without any extra charges.

Since we have purchased exceed RM300 during the promotion, I had a chance to ask them to make up for me freely. It was just for fun only~ didn't have any intention to participate the photography contest which provided by them. xD

Meanwhile, co-incidentally we met Yoga Lin 林宥嘉 at Gurney too.
He came here for his album promotion.
Actually to him, that was the second time I've ever seen. So, nothing special to me lo. hehe
(P/s: no offense to yoga and his fans ya. =D )

And I also met some of my secondary friends- Shi Min, Tong Sheng and Lai Theng too..

Yoga performed one of his hit songs 《说谎》~ Cam taken by myself.
Nice song!


Moon said...

I was there tooooo~ didn't see you though =)

Joanna said...

really? on the same day?