Monday, February 1, 2010

The end of Internship

Wohoo~~ yeah..I no longer to get up early in the morning to go working now.
The internship has officially ended!!!
I'm so happy right now coz I can stay at home and On9 all the time.

Err, actually if you ask me, did I learn anything in the past 2 months, I can tell u, YES..
At least I've learned how to use UBS which I never used before until I worked in accounting firm.
At least I could spend my 2 months of holiday usefully, finding job and earn some pocket money rather than being a lazy pig everyday goyang kaki at home..haha
At least, I have a good chance to experience what and how a working environment actually is..

Thanks to Mr Ooi. He is my former boss. Thank him for giving me an opportunity to work at his accounting firm. hehe. Then,thanks to my former colleagues. They helped me a lot when I was facing difficulties during the past 2 months. Like for example, when I was confused in differentiating the types of expenses, they were so willing to teach me and guide me. hmm..yeah~ their kindnesses are much appreciated seriously...

Overall, I've gained something else even though everyday I keep repeating the same key-in the data entry, segregating bills and gossiping, as what we hear always, in order to eventually become a CPA u will need to have at lease a bachelor’s degree in accounting or in a related business field with a lot of accounting classes. So this is why I want to be a trainee in accounting firm, even though the allowance is damn LOW... lolx. Because I understand that, during college years, trying to get an internship at accounting firms will get us needed experience, and will help us to get a job later. xD

They are staff of the firm, and no doubt, I'm the youngest one. hehe~

Not forget to mention, this piggy speaker accompanied me to work especially when I started yawning after lunch~~I played songs to avoid my sleepiness..haha!

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