Monday, July 5, 2010

100702 Tomyam Mee Night

As a Penangite, erm, more accurately, if you stay in Butterworth,
I'm sure you have heard of Raja Uda's well known Tomyam Mee.

Last Friday night, I had a nice supper with my Inti buds.
(actually I din eat dinner as I came back late from Matta Fair. I missed out my dancing class as well. rf)
Seriously, we are the BIG FANS of Tomyam Mee.
We were so satisfied with the food. xD
So bad YeongLi wasn't there with us. She is a DIE HARD fan of it!! >.<

By the way, I also met my former school mates.
It's been ages no see them, I had a great chatting with them for a short while too. =D

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