Friday, July 2, 2010

He is back

Having earlier revealed plans to release his first debut solo Chinese album and a solo concert,
his first MV teaser for his upcoming album has been revealed.

Okay, first of all, what I want to say is, this teaser is pretty attractive
and it really TEASES me a lot!
It has gotten me watching it for like the millionth time~

The MV was shot in 3 countries- Korea, New Zealand and US.
And I feel that this MV is like a short movie with interesting storyline.
Hey, the choreography is not bad too!
He is super HOT n GOOD LOOKING (but I don't like he draws eye-liners)

hmmm, I can accept he is no longer with SJ anymore~ FINALLY.
He is a soloist now and he will be back soon
Sadly enough not with SJ though..but he will be the rebirth of king. =)

Good Luck to u, Hannie.

The teaser is here..
Check it out below!

P/S: If you are not interested, you may ignore this post. NO BASHING. thank you ^^
I just want to share with my readers those who like him as much as me.

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