Friday, November 26, 2010

Key Of Freedom-Melbourne Trip Begins

I've done all the damn finals finally!!
And now, it's time for vacation, shopping, gathering, movie and etc etc.

Hmm, I will update my blog more frequent starts from today onwards.
Oh yea, Im flying to Melbourne with my grandparents and stay there around 1 month.
I gotta do a check list and should have started to prepare anything that need to bring over there. My aunty even asked me to buy her some pirated dramas for her. hehe. so I will buy some tvb dramas such as 巾帼枭雄之义海豪情,公主嫁到,读心神探..those dramas that most recommended from tvb addicts.

I will be going there on 8th Dec by Air Asia. We go to KL first before the night flight. Perhaps I may meet my forum friends while waiting for the flight. Since now still left 1 week + in Penang, I will fully utilize the days spending with my friends, family, and for myself. =)

Last but no least, one more thing to emphasize, exam is over, so now I'm very happy and relax!!! HAHAHHAHAHA!! Just enjoy the 3 month long term break to the fullest!! ^^


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