Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Music Man's coming soon!

Dang Dang Dang Dang....
After a long wait for 2 years,
Leehom's coming on 2th May!!

I was receiving a sms from my dearest friend, Li Chuang in this early morning.
I was totally shocked when I saw the message!

She wrote this to me,
" Hey, u c newspaper d? Leehom Malaysia Concert will be held on 2th May!! ....The fans club got any info or not?....if I want to buy ticket, can I buy through u or not?.."

I quickly go and see through the newspaper but I didnt see anything. Then I called Jojo and told her about this. She then confirmed with me the info via Leehom's Malaysia Fan Club. I was like~~~feeling damn excited but worried also. The ticket price is freaking expensive!!!! I got no $$$ to buy it. According to my previous experience, if you wan to see a enjoyable concert, it's advisable to buy the expensive seating. If not, you will only can see ANTS and TOILETS! Lolzzz~ Arghhh!

I'm still considering whether or not to buy the expensive seating instead of cheaper one. Haix.. Anyway, I'm so happy knowing that he is coming to hold concert! Waoo..Errr, sometimes there is something really unpredictable. Like last night I just discussed with Yen Shan saying that why he didnt come here to hold a concert for ages long?! We wondered why and anticipated his coming..But then, who knows, I received the news about his concert in the next morning!

Concert Info:

Date : 2nd May 2009
Venue : Bukit Jalil National Stadium (Outdoor)
Ticket Price : (Numbered Seating) VVIP RM600.00 (6th to 12th Row) / RM398.00 / RM318.00 / RM268 / RM198 / RM138 / (Free Seating) RM88Public
Sale : 1st March 2009

Pretty sure that I'm going~! Anticipating...
In order to see him, saving money and cut cost are my targets now!



“巴哈姆特是出自爱尔兰大师Alistair之手。”银河集团企划组执行总监Alan Chan介绍说。“这场演唱会将会是马来西亚今年所有音乐盛会中最受期待、最与众不同、最引人注目的一场”。


该演唱会由Boston–Hongkie F&B连锁餐厅联合出品,并由马来西亚旅游局全力支持。门票分为398令吉,318令吉,268令吉,198令吉和138令吉(对号入座)还有88令吉(自由入座)。适逢今年是银河集团15周年庆,为了回馈一路以来支持的忠实顾客,银河集团将送出现金折券优惠。凡购买2张《MUSIC-MAN王力宏大马演唱会》入场券,每购满100令吉,即可获得15令吉现金折券1张,以作为下次购买任何银河集团在2009年内所举办的演唱会门票折扣之用。此现金折券只限于在银河办公室购买门票的顾客才可获得。《MUSIC-MAN王力宏大马演唱会》现已开始售票。需要提前订票的朋友,请拨银河热线 03-22822020 或登陆银河网站: 订购或查询详情。


josephine said...

YER~~~so good that u guys can go for lee hom concert again~~envy~~

if i m free sure i will go for the concert too~~~hate exam !!!!


ISH ~~~ im too poor to go for his concert le ~~ T.T ~~
Poor me ..damn ... ~~