Friday, March 27, 2009

TVB soap opera~Emergency Unit

As I'm not a Astro On Demand subscriber, so I couldn't watch EU.
But then luckily I can watch it by using internet access.
I started watching it via PPS at 8.30pm
It was ended at 10.30pm.
The last 2 episodes, damn nice!
It was pretty cool and awesome!
Im satisfied with the ending!

"eng gai, kong sei hao~! U deserve it!"
But 苗乔伟(三哥) is still so cool and man indeed. Like his look all the time.
He is GEMINI too. Same as me.hehe

Another villian, Ah Zong, he died lastly. He deserved it! I hate him as he is so annoying! He seems like envy~ing whenever Sam Jie is getting together with Hao Gor. People say him as Gaylord. lolx...hahaa! Anyway, I quite like him in reality. King Kong is his name. He is one of the best hosts of TVB8.

Laughing's alive but Sam Jie was sacrified. Another victim. She shouldn't die. What a waste!
Laughing 哥 becomes Laughing Sir! I'll always remember your name. hehe! Waiting for you on the next episode! =)

Nothing special for Park Bridge but Ah Man returns to be a policeman back who is under Park Bridge. I wonder why he didnt get any compliment or any honour. Since Ah Man is also a smart and brave undercover too other than Mr. Laughing. Without him, Kong Sei Hao wont be caught.

Yao Yao left Ah Man at last. Little Princess should have got together with Lucky Prince. Haiz. Not a happy ending. But Im pretty sure that, she will be back on the 4th episode.
By the way, the real person who acts as Yao Yao (江若琳), she is a good singer. I like her songs too!

Poor Medicine Pot. Nobody bothers and cares about her. People keep criticizing her look and acting. haha! However, she is the second hottest people to be discussed after Laughing. Which means, she has already protrayed the role of Medicine Pot successfully. wahaha!

As a conclusion, I like this drama!!
Very nice.
People, whoever haven't watched it, it is highly recommended.
Then you will fully understand why this drama has been become the hot issue to be discussed recently.

Laughing哥番生片段 ~~~


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