Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week 6- Tests Week!

It's week 6 now.
Time flies, few weeks been passed rapidly.
2 more months left.
Anticipating the day of graduation. hehee.

I've been relaxing for couple of weeks, therefore, tests are coming to me now.
I hate tests!

I will be having 2 tests this week.
Management Accounting is on Tuesday while the other one, Finance subject will be held on Thursday. Yoorrr.... Tax mia hasnt come yet.

By the way, this sem isn't as hectic as previous sem.
Although the subjects in this sem are tough but I still can cope with them.

Unlike last 2 sems, I just felt irritated and stressful because of the law.
The books were thick like hell, moreover I had to refer lots of resourse books while doing the assignments. Not only this, I had to keep reading and also interpreted every single word for each sentence..Fed Up~! Pheww..Luckily I no longer face this subject anymore. Im thankful that I passed this subject. hehee.

Okay, got to stop crapping now.
Wish me Luck to my coming tests.
And wish my Inti-mates do well in the tests too!


OSK said...

all da best!

Anonymous said...

WISH u luck as u said...


Joanna said...

OSK and Johan~
Thanks guyss!!!