Thursday, April 2, 2009

Earth Hour ~28 March '09

Did anyone switch off the light on that night?
I did.
It was an "obligation" which ordered by my dad. lolx
Just the lights have been switched off, not the main power.
But fan still remains to be switched on. I couldn't tahan warm. haha!

Candles-lighten up too.

Torchlight, LED light- well prepared also as wanna see the stars outside the house compound, who knows, outside's raining cats and dogs..

Hmm, in that 1 hour without lights, I suddenly feel that light is very important for us especially during the night time. It's a necessity. No light, really will cause inconvenience. So, please use it wisely. And~ Treasure the Earth. Treasure the natural resources. To fight against the GLOBAL WARMING. That's the main purpose of EARTH HOUR. =)


Wayne y.m.h. said...

All of us are the great starters for protecting the Earth.
That day, main power and candle were not allowed too. ^^

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Joanna said...

Hey wayne!
So nice to see u here!

haha! 1st time involving this event, didn't aware that candles were not allowed too~~ Nvm, next time will do it better ^^

I'll visit ur blog always!
Link urs to my blog too yea! ^^

Wayne y.m.h. said...

Of course I will. Thanks for your visit. Your blog is one of my following blogs. Keep looking forward to your latest updates.

Have a nice weekend ahead.