Wednesday, April 15, 2009

14 April 09

I just feel better from serious gastric now.
Would like to share you guys what have I done on 14 April (Tuesday)

I had Management Accounting's test at this morning.
The paper was challenging.
There was one question I did wrongly due to my "Keh Gao~ness " (acted smart)
I did the other way in which the question was not required us to do in that way... T.T
So, whole question is gone.
I think I might have to redo it again and scared will get scolded by LEON!
Really SAD!

After the test, Vian and I went to Gurney Plaza.
And I saw this board when we were on the way to Gurney. Leehom!!

In order to relax our minds and get ready for our first study break for this sem, we went to Redbox sing K. haha.
In that 3 hours of singing and shouting, I got myself to feel better after that instead of being upset or others..
Singing K is really can reduce our stress and I also can practise Leehom's songs for the concert preparation as well. heehee.

Besides, we also bought sunblock at Watsons too.
Banana Boat is its brand's name, is this brand good or effective?
Hopefully it will be useful during our Redang Trip.
Im scared that later I'll get sunburnt.

Before we went home, I din follow Vian's car as I got to meet my another gang friends at Penang too. Yen Shan and Jojo were coming here to claim the Leehom's concert tickets from someone else at New World Park. Therefore I followed them and took a chance for gathering. I got the ticket finally..and Yen Shan keeps it for me until 502.

Okay, got to stop writting now.
Wanna go to bed as I woke up at 6 am this morning. Lolx
Tomorrow have to wake up early again to fetch my mom to work.
Good night.
Thank God I don hv gastric anymore after drinking Nestum.. =)


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