Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Redang Trip-Day 2

Okay, while busy doing my FMA assignment, I hope I can spend some time to update my blog.
Wish to continue sharing my happy trip with you guys.

We woke up 7am in the morning.
Had the second time snorkeling at 9am after we took buffet breakfast.
The place where we had our second snorkeling was located at Marine Park.
We boarded on a boat and it took us about 15 minutes from Laguna Redang Resort to Marine Park.

People, if you go to Redang, this is a must visit place for you. I believe that every of the tours there will include a trip to this Marine Park. It is a wonderful place,another heaven!!!
I like the beach, the sea water, very clear!!

But I dont like the dead corals and seashells along the sea side, they are very sharp!

We had near 2 hours of snorkeling fun at there and immediately, I found myself becoming darker!! Lolx!

There are plenty of fishes can be found in the underwater of Marine Park.
See, clear enough right?

After that, we went back to Laguna Resort and took our fruitful lunch at Sang Suria Restaurant.

Photograph session^^

Looks like fake one weii.. NICE!!

Although the pics look nice,
but you cant imagine how HOT the weather is, unless you've ever experienced it like me.

Spot Gwen!! heeh!

Bikini gal. Wondering how they can play volley ball under the hot sun for few hours!!
I couldn't stand there for so long..not even more than 5 minutes!
They like to get tanned??!

Actually there was another snorkeling trip again at 3pm~
But we chose not to go for it as the weather was super HOT and I sure that sunblock couldn't help alot too, no matter how much how thick we've applied to our body.
Since we were not going, but the day was still YOUNG!
It will be wasted if we just spent our leisure time in room.
Therefore we went to beach taking photos.
Yeongli, Gwen, Hooi Xuan and I went there
Ivian, Mooi Kheng and Fei Fang chose to rest at room.


Around 4 something, when we planned to move back to our room, we were told by our lecturer, Miss Lim, asking us to get ready for the snorkeling equipment.
Coz we gonna see Baby Shark!! waooo!!
Immediately we prepared ourselve and then headed to the recreation centre to meet up the divers. We went to Tanjung Tengah which is located at the end of Pasir Panjang.
(Actually I din know where is the place, I got this in Gwen's blog. haha!)
According to her, the southern side of Tanjung Tengah is commonly
known as 'Shark Bay' as the reefs there are a nursery for baby black-tip sharks.
But the divers guided us to deeper sea before we went to see baby shark.
I could see lots of beautiful corals and fishes by using the snorkeling tool.
Anyway, I was frustrated when the google getting blurer and looser.
I drank some sea water too. Salty!!
And, here is the place where I took my underwater photos. hehe!
Take a look guys!!
It was a very unforgettable experience for me!!
I was very scared initially.
Coz I din know how long the photo taken and I had to breathless during taking the picture.
Luckily the divers gave me confidence and asked me not to scare.
Otherwise, I would cry on the spot! ahah!!
Alot of fishes yea!
Done! cheese~! ^^

See, Baby Sharks!! I saw them~
They swam in front of me.hahaa!!

After that, we went back to Laguna Resort's beach.
We took photos and snorkeling again.
Im Capt. Jack Sparow! lol!!

Yoho Yoho ~ A pirate's life for me..hehe!!
Gwen is Davy Jones!! ahaha!!
Now my turns! =D

Do u still remember the movie of 夏日么么茶?

Nice shot ever!!

Night time, after dinner, we went to souvenier shop to buy some souveniers.
And also, we spent our night walking around and taking photos.

Before we went to bed, we continued the game that we played in the previous night.
Our teacher joined us.
haha! She was so chicky and excited!!
Again, we screamed like hell when playing it. hahaha!!


ivian said...

the pics all are super nice..
i miss the moment in REDANG nia...

Joanna said...

omg! u havent slp yet??!
I tot u ald zzzz like pig d.

ygy said...

wah...beutiful scene,seems very excited n fun over there. i cant wait 2 go next month,haha

josephine said...

hey, the sea view is really really nice!! it is so so so blue!!
nice scene~~

Joanna said...

U are going next month??
Redang is fun!!
Remember to apply sunblock, this is a MUST!! if not, I guarantee u'll get sunburnt~.


nice scenes yea!
Like fake one!

Li Qian said...

oi the last pic !!
what is that?
punishment "smelling ppl ketiak?"

Joanna said...

li qian~
we did what u did with LBS last time!! ahhahaa!!

jerry said...

so siok ya~~
u make me wana visit thr.....
n ur pic shooting skill becum more n more geng!!!
nice pic!!!

Joanna said...

if u like natural stuff,
Redang would be ur good place to visit!!

I know u like underwater stuff,
so Redang will be ur ideal place to go! ^^

We should have a chance to go for vacation together, but time and chance are not allowed. T.T

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