Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sorry Sorry

This song is sung by Super Junior
A new song of their 3rd album
I really like this song, even though I dont know what they sing about.
Their vocals are so SEXY
and the dance is so HOT and CUTE!!
More importantly, Hankyung is damn hot in this mv! Lolx
He is the lead dance with wearing cool sunglass!♥
Do take a look on the videos.

Hankyung Sorry Sorry MV Pictures, Images and Photos
My Goodness! He's so hot!!♥

Original MV
(watch it in HQ version)

Dance & Live Version (♥Hangeng is the lead dance who stands at the center in the beginning of the song..HOT!!!♥ WATCH IN HD VERSION, if not, see nothing)

Piano Version

super junior

♥hankyung♥ and hee chul


josephine said...

hey, I like this 'sorry sorry' too~~~
among thier songs, i like this song most!! haha..

about the dance n life version, i like the part where at the end of the song, the KyuHyun's singing part!! His vocal is so so so good n nice!! i love that~~hehe..

yirn ,u n me ald become 'suju-holics'

Joanna said...


=Super Junior~or=