Friday, April 10, 2009

Missed the chance~ again.

Yess, I've missed the chance to meet him!
He was coming to KL for his concert promotion on last Tuesday.
Solaris Mont Kiara was the ONLY ONE stop where was the promo tour held.
Im totally fed up with the organiser! Why dont choose Penang as another stop for this event?!
Penang also has alot of of his fans k!

As you know that, I'm a Penangite, so how could I go over there? Firstly, the venue was too far away from Penang. Secondly, I had class on that day too. And, by taking the bus ride with 2 ways already costs RM50-60++, moreover if I skip class merely to meet him for few hours, my parents sure screw me up after they know about that. Lolx..
Hence, I missed the chance.

Frankly speaking, how good if Im now studying in KL huh~~
Feel that most of the artistes like to go over there during their promo tour.
Even Charmaine Sheh also same. She has been to KL for few times, not even once to Penang.

Let me share you a story here. Recall back to 2005, I was so happy knowing that my idol, Charmaine Sheh and Chilam came here to promote the Astro Award. But they just came to KL only..Poor me had to bag my dad taking me to Sunway Piramid purposely in order to meet them. It took us whole morning to travel over there, but the fans meeting was just taken less than 1 hour to be ended up due to the uncontrollable situation that cause by the crazy fans. lolx..At last, I just can meet her a while only. And, I thought I could grab her photo successfully when she was distributing her photos to us but I couldn't coz of being pushed by the crazy fans. They kept pushing, and made the whole event to become out of control, therefore, cancelled. Ish. Been travelling for few hours, just met her a while only.. really frustrating!

I know I have already out of topic now. hehe. What I wanna mention is,
Can the organisers treat Penang as part of their considerations next time? So that we have the chance to meet the celebrity. I wonder why..Penang isn't a good place for the celebrities to do their promo tour instead of KL? Is it?? WHYYY..

Anyway, it's useless for me to make compaints here. Moreover,I have no right to do so too.But at least I can voice out my disagreement or something on behalf of my friends who want to meet Leehom. We were unable to meet him is because he din come to Penang. It is good that he can come to here next time. But Im scared that I will miss the chance again. I mean promo tour, not the concert. =) Please give me a chance to see him closely at least once in my entire life time. hehee. But nevermind, I still have a chance to meet him, it's approaching soon! 3 weeks more..yeeahh..

P/s: People, do forgive me for my craziness. I know Im mad now. xD

Okay, wanna see picture? Thanks to JOJO to let me grab from her blog.
Really nice pictures indeed. Leehom is super handsome.


Additional Pictures taken from facebook.



josephine said...

although u hv missed the chance for the concert promotion, but u still hv the chance to go for his concert on 502!!!

i never been to his concert d!!!
i really wish i can join u all on 502...

yea,u r absolutely right! they should consider the penang fans so that we can meet him at a quite close has been quite some years he didnt come to penang d...sad..

hoping his new album promo tour will be held in penang,it is better if held at Auto-City!

Joanna said...

totally agree.
In fact, Autocity is a nice and appropriate place for them to do promotion. hahah!

still hoping that u can join us on 502! of course u must have any reasonable and logical excuse to get ur mom's permission. lolx.
Is all ur exam's fault!!