Thursday, April 23, 2009

Redang Trip~ Departure-Day1

I just grabbed some photos from yeongli and Ivian Sim,
so that I can start uploading to here.
Thanks to Yeongli, Ivian Sim and Gwen as camera gals.

Okay, here is the beginning of my story...
We set off around 10.30pm on Saturday night.
The bus was very comfortable and clean.

This is my lecturer and her hubby. We had lots of fun in Redang coz of them!

I couldn't have a very nice sleep along the way.
We reached Terengganu around 7am in the morning.
Then we went to a mamak stall to take breakfast.
Soon then we walked to the jetty where was the place that we took the boat ride to Redang. From jetty to Redang Island, it took us 2 hours to reach there, not 45 minutes!

Redang Island is as nice as heaven!
A paradise!!
But the weather was super HOT and SUNNY!

We started applying sunblock since our activity was going to be held at 3pm noon!
We went to deep sea for snorkeling!
At first I was damn scared and panic even though there was a life jacket with me at that time.
I had this experience during my NS life. That time was in dirty pond, whereas this time was in DEEP SEA!!!! Scary+Horrible!!!
I hold tight with them and trying to float and looking inside the sea. Waoo, I saw alot of fishes and coral reefs. Very NICE and AMAZING! But, still looked scary afterall.

During night time, we dressed up ourselve nicely before having dinner.
The food was nice too.
I still remember is BBQ if Im not mistaken.

Then, we walked around and taking pictures to each other.
The night life at Redang Island was so fruitful surrounded with Disco, Live Band and Karaoke ..Etc.

After that, we went back to our room.
We played some games and we screamed like hell before going to bed. haha!!
Funny game!

More photos will be uploaded soon.
Stay Tuned.

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Wayne y.m.h. said...

Really Nice Seaside Views~ I love the photos ~