Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Hair Style+PC Fair+Redang

I changed my new hair style.
Trying to perm into curl with using particular perming equipment.
Really thanks to Yirn Yirn for doing to me!!
I like this hair style.

Just now, I went to PC Fair with Yirn Yirn and Zi Hao.
It was extremely CROWDED!!
3 of us also were not going home with empty handed.
At least, we bought pendrives.haha!
I bought a 4GB for Ivian Sim, just cost RM28 only!
Cheap huh.. =)
Oyea, I also met my classmates working there as well.
So good that they can work at there, at least can earn some incomes.
But I cant make it. Haizz.

Yeahh, the time that I've been waiting for long time has come finally!!
Im going to Redang tonight!!!
3 days 2 nights trip with my best inti budds!
And my lovely lecturer, Ms Lim Tan Chin and her husband will be joining us along too!
She is kinda a funny and interesting lecturer, surely we will get lots of fun during the trip! ahaha!!

Okay la,
Wanna continue packing now.
I will take pictures and share with you guys later.
I hope I can enjoy and have a unforgettable trip with my friends!
I wont be here until Tuesday night.
See you.


Lay Ai said...

nice hair... i like it! permanent or temporary eh?

jerry said...

wish u one road along wind ya!!!
enjoy ur trip!!

Wayne y.m.h. said...

All good wishes for a safe and delightful trip to you.

(( ****
*** *

josephine said...

hey,nice hair style !!!
it is suitable for u!
yirn's perming hair technic is absolutely good!!

do enjoy ur redang trip ya~~
cant wait to listen to ur experience in redang n see the pictures that had taken there..haha...

enjoy n do take care =)

summer said...

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Joanna said...

>lay ai,
thanks le!! actually it was just temporary only. after washing my hair, all will be gone.

>jerry and wayne,
thanks too!
I super duper enjoy my trip.
will be updating my blog soon.
remember do take a look k

next time ask yirn yirn do for u also. can take a try~~! mayb suit u too!! =)