Tuesday, December 29, 2009

09/12/26-My Shopping Day

Went to Queensbay shopping with Sim.
Bought a lot of girl stuffs such as cosmetics, dresses, and a pair shoes.
What an enjoyable day.

Is HE!!!! Jang Geun Suk, my beloved Hwang Tae Kyung!!
I was so damn excited when I saw this banner in front of Etude House!
No doubt, I've bought a lipstick which is my first lipstick in my entire life, just because of them!! They are Tae Kyung and Minam(You're Beautiful)!! I love them so much! Do see the video~^^

OMO! The kiss is so seductive. rfrf
(What I meant is the lipstick actually~~ hehe)

ARGH! This guy is so hot!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Park Shin Hye, u are such a lucky girl. lolz.

Basically, the skincare and cleanser that I'm using now are Korean products, which are in different brands. Well, it's only a coincident actually. This is not showing that I support Korean product purposely just because I'm a K-pop addict. haha!

我的‘战利品’ ^^

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Moon said...

I m lovin' the shoes!