Friday, December 11, 2009

New Update

Its been quite a time no update my blog.

Now I only realized that I haven't started updating any new post yet for the month of December since the last post was on 26th Nov.

Lately I'm kinda busy.
Been starting my working life one week ago..Actually I'm now having internship in an accounting firm, working as a trainee?? errmm, more accurately it should be said working as a data-entry clerk!
Facing the PC starting from 8.30am-6pm and key in the data nonstop like hell. >.<
I feel like torturing my eyes!! arghh~!

Since when I started working, I have been scarifying my on9 time. I would only be able using the precious night time to on9. But it's still not sufficient to me. sob sob. Sigh, it's alright then.. Earn money is more important than any other things else. =)

Oh yea, I'm learning Modern Jazz now! hehe!
I love the step and movement of this dance~ so nice!
I enjoy learning it and can keep fit too! yeah! =D

Besides, wanna share a good news here! The exam result is out! Luckily I PASSED ALL!! Thank God!! Curtin Degree is not easy not underestimate it so I will put more efforts for the next sems!

Hmm..what else I would like to share next?

YES! currently I'm so damn obsessed with a Korean drama~ again. haha!
It's called 'You're Beautiful' 原来是美男啊
Will be sharing more about this series in upcoming update. =)


Wayne y.m.h. said...

Congratulation ^ ^

=YeongLi= said...

congrats girl~
i miss loo loo!
take care ~
and ,
enjoy internship!
it is where you learn.
all the best yea!
missing deeply by,