Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hair Cut

I think it's been 1 year i din go for hair cut already~
And finally, i chose to dye my hair today~
I told that hairstylist to dye my hair into purple red, and my hair also become shorter,
not as thick as before.
By the way, I got a bit "heart pain" as my hair has become shorter.. =.=


jerry said...

put foto~~~

Joanna said...

sudah uploaded..
comment pls ^^

=YeongLi= said...

hey girl~
nice nice yeaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

suits you.
not that tebal liao

Joanna said...

Xie xie ni!! =D
bt "sim tia" lor..coz my hair not that thick as last time d..

jerry said...

nice color
i wan hightlight, but my mum sure kill me...

hooshimin said...

i edi very long time din meet u lo...even jerry also...haha
take care dear,wish to meet u all during sem break la...

ivian said...

aiiyoo...nice la gal..where got pao!!
weii...the colour suit to u!!
and hor..ur hair look straight leh...nice nice!!
no more "chang chang"..haha..

Joanna said...


Heyhey..Long time no see u also!
Take care to u too! ^^


Eii, my hair not as nicer as this series of pics already..
It really returns to normal d..Still chang!