Saturday, September 20, 2008

WOnderful day

MOrning~ After attending a boring class, the income tax test was held at 11 30am-12 30pm.
Luckily the questions are not as tough as I thought, and not as complicated as I expected. Thank God I can do it, I'm satisfied :)

NOon~ Went home after the test happily. Feeling warm when at the time I reached home. I can watch movie and makan without any stresses, and there is also no any burden for me now~~~Although next week still got 1 test and 2 assignments need to be done. But I DONT CARE IT already..I just wanna to take a rest~~~Hiak Hiak Hiak!!! Mom has suggested going to new shopping mall-AEON since we are never been there, and therefore we went there after my little brother finished his piano lesson. I purposely took the full concertration for recognizing the direction from butterworth to bandar perda, so next time i can get familiar with it and also be able to go with my frens by driving myself~~ hehehe!! Well, I don't really satisfy with the new shopping mall, no matter in point of the building design or facilities. The mall is too big and long, and full of crowd too! And Yi Fan, a friend of mine, had suddendly sms me, telling me that he saw me at there too! But I never seen him at there lo...hahaha! Too crowded already!!!

I have bought a new office attire. =)

Nice tak?! hehe!!

NIght~ Woohoo...went to meet my Old Friends at Old Town..We had nice chit chatting whole night too. Wahaha!! It was really enjoyable!

Overall, I'm happy today. It's been a long time din really enjoy myself d..hahahaz!
So sleepy right now, hehehe!
Okayla, will stop writting till here.


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=YeongLi= said...

beh tong~
bought a new shirt~
nice nice~
not bad~!!
wear to sch~
take care girl~